Step into the darkness to see the beauty outside

The summer heat rises, and you complain and ask for coolness; in water and the air. When the temperature falls in winter, you long for the heat and warmth; everywhere. When you are drowned in monsoon rain, you long for a piece of dry land and sky above you. And, when you are stuck in a desert, middle of nowhere, you hope for water everywhere.

When you step under the blazing midday sun in summers blinding your vision, you may even miss a glistening red colored sports car right in front of you. To see the glory of the glossy red car, you would wish for a little darkness around it.

You put blinders around a horse’s eyes so it can only focus where it needs to go. Similarly, when we allow distractions around us to distract us, we lose focus on where we need to go.

If we never felt coldness, we would never value the warmth from heat. If we have never been sweaty and thirsty, we would never know the pleasure of drinking plain simple water. If we have never been lost in the darkness of a moonless night, we would never know the joy that the break of dawn brings. Just like some poor mobile cameras that take extremely bright pictures, if we always lived in blinding brightness, we would not see the difference between what is beautiful and what is not.

When you witness the Taj Mahal out in the open, under the bright sun, in full brightness, all that you see is a vivid awe-inspiring mega marble structure. Step back into the darkness under the front doorway and watch the world wonder. This is when you see the white marvel in its full glory, against the beautiful blue sky in the backdrop. This is when your senses experience the most pleasure seeing the white colored structure contrasting the darkness inside the doorway. This is when you will be able to totally and clearly focus on what is in front of you, and it inspires you.


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