You will find mental peace the day you can do this

“The lord of the dance” is what the statue of Nataraja in India is often referred as. It is a depiction of the Indian god ‘Shiva’ performing the cosmic dance to destroy the weary universe-a precursor to the creation of the universe again by the almighty “Brahma”.

The supreme god, Shiva is known to have performed the aggressive dance once, which is captured in the sculpture shown in the image. The symbol of this object may be that of destruction and aggression, but it has a rosary around it-a symbol of peace, meditation and a passive mind-often used by monks to chant and meditate.

Aggression and meditative state of mind; these two characteristics of human nature may be at the opposite ends but they very much occupy most part of your life. One may argue that the statue and the rosary are just two inanimate objects, but the fact is that many of you depend on such material objects to achieve or reach a certain state of mind, albeit temporarily.

In our day-to-day life, they represent two conflicting thoughts that we constantly experience. You are either at peace with your inner self, which seldom happens, or the mind gets clouded with destructive thoughts. As a result, you seek material objects to temporarily offset your negative emotions hoping to reach a state of calmness.

But, if an object such as a rosary can lead you to peace, does that mean another physical material object is responsible for your mental misery in the first place?

You may not realize at the first instance, but the cause of most of our mental miseries is not objects but fellow human beings. The world would have been much more peaceful had you not been forced to think, act and behave in ways just to conform with or for others in our society.

You lose peace of mind because your partner did not conform to your expectations, you lose peace of mind because your boss at office did not conform to your expectations, instead acts rude, you lose peace of mind because your parents did not conform to the idea of what perfect parents should have been, you lose peace of mind because your friend did not conform to what a loyal friend should have been at a time of crisis or loneliness, you lose peace of mind because another person did not conform to human decency and stole your phone, and you lose peace of mind because the article you are reading did not conform to the level of excitement and expectation you had out of it.

It is often the case that a man becomes the reason for another man’s mental misery. No wonder they say “one man’s loss is another man’s gain.” It is the duality and multiplicity of human mind that makes them unreliable and leads us to depend on the outcome from situations that are controlled by them-directly or indirectly. This is why when a commitment is made to you; it often involves dependency on one or more persons for fulfilling them.

It is the chain of thoughts of another person that is hidden deep inside in his or her mind, away from your purview, is what weakens your situation and position from being sure of the outcome.

But, you can still find mental peace if you can do this

Only if you could see all the bacteria and viruses around you in air, water and food-you may not completely get rid of them but at least avoid them from making you sick. Since you can’t see them, you get infected at least few times a year.

In the same way, only if you could see the chain of thoughts across another human being’s mind, you could make much more adjustments to your expectations from others in order to avoid disappointments and achieve peace of mind.

Imagine a world where everybody could read each other’s mind completely. You would not have to create a fake image in that person’s mind by manipulating words that we speak as language. Since, these words can be manipulated to sound sweet when they are not, and sound well-intended when they mean ill.

The only reason why we continue to lie and distort everything is because no one else can see it at that instant. This encourages us to do it more and more, and create an ecosystem of hurt and unnecessary heartaches.

If the thoughts of a person could be read at all times, no matter where he hides. Slowly if not quickly, every man would be forced to channel his energy in making his thoughts clearer and purer. People may eventually quit verbal talking and start communicating through telepathy. All the energy that is currently lost in manipulating our thoughts and values for the sake of pleasing our society and succeeding will be shut down forever.

There will be absolute silence all around yet filled with peaceful looking people with positive thoughts, looking at you with a smile that is genuinely as wide as the distance to the core of earth.

The amount of time we spend on creating and inventing things in life, much more is spent on distorting facts at home, in relationships, at office and everywhere we go. We constantly try to find harmony in life by doing a balancing act of lies and distortions, which everybody else is doing too.

This has resulted in a big ball of unbalanced and unstable human energy enveloping our world, which clearly reflects in businesses we do outside and relationships we form inside. The core of this ball of human energy from seven billion people on this planet is so full of distorted facts that finding peace within it while being in relationships with fellow humans may be impossible. This is probably why prominent sages such as Buddha preferred to leave humanity and live far away from it and achieve enlightenment and satisfaction.

But, living all by oneself in a jungle may not everybody’s choice. Therefore, the only way to find mental peace is by making this world a better place. Making it a better place would require everything that obstructs peace. Perhaps, if we could read each other’s mind someday, we may see the path to mental peace from that day.


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