Do people really work hard behind the scenes?

“Behind every successful man, there is a woman.”

How many times have you heard this phrase? “The men and women behind the scenes are the real heroes.” How many times you had this feeling of doing real work and others taking credit for it?

The smiling man in the picture is a cameraman at work. His job is shooting videos at weddings. He smiled the moment he realized he is being captured by my camera. He was among the minority that did not dress up for the wedding. He did not even seem to be bothered for being out of place. For him, it was just another day at work.

The outcome of his work is no guess-work. It’s the hour long video of nicely dressed colorful people at their best. The hard work may have been his and all that guests had to do was just show up in front of the cameraman.

It’s not just the weddings but in films too-where the whole crew plans, sweats and gets the set ready. And, on count of 1, 2, 3 – “take”, pretty looking actress and the charming lad just show up. They speak few lines, but eloquent. They move few steps, but classy. They don’t try too hard, but they look class apart. Then we hear the lines everybody has been waiting for all day long – “cut” – and another day of film shooting ends, the famous stars go home, only to become more famous once the film comes out, and the rest of crew, goes home only to become more anonymous.

How can we not drag our politicians. After all, they are the face of people, communities, towns, states and even the country. They may speak very less but their words sway millions – just enough to catapult them from unknown hoodlums to the most powerful and respected seats in a country. It’s not them who spend hours burning midnight oil, writing lines after lines of those powerful words. They have an army of people, from speech writers to personal bodyguards, who protect them, serve them and behold them like a king and queen, and then they are called public servants.

Take the corporate world be it anywhere. Not all the hard workers make it to the top, but the ones who do, they certainly seem to have some charm. They may not make the best of power point presentations, but they have people who can do just that. You may have all that personality and charm, but still you might lack the shrewdness found in people who lead.

So, who is really working hard and who is really reaping the credits?

Not every actor might be dumb and charming, not ever actress will be flamboyant and lazy. Same will be the case with politicians and corporate bigwigs.

As many women there would be behind successful men, as many would be behind unsuccessful men. You may think hard work is done only by people who work behind the scenes, but the opposite could be true.

But, there is a pattern that may be more evident than we would like to realize. Every person at top has one or more combinations of the following traits. Eloquent speaking, charming personality, pretty face or the shrewdness of a fox. Call it skills learnt on the job or call it evolutionary advantage that some inherit naturally. Neither every person can become the John Wayne of our times nor everyone can multiply money like Bill Gates has. However, being the hopeful species we are, we will never know what we are capable of-unless we try.

So, the next time you get jealous of that gorgeous actress or that charismatic CEO, just think about what you have that he or she doesn’t, then what he or she has that you don’t. Like all 5 fingers aren’t equal, our capabilities in different fields aren’t the same. We may not be that great at what we do at the moment, however, we may excel in something else that we may have not yet realized.


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