Why are all places of worship beautiful?

Whether you enter a church, mosque or temple, some will surely take your breath away. If I have to think of a word that often go with some of the most visited places of worship in our world then it would be ‘grandeur’. It is not uncommon to hear how grand a mosque was or how beautiful the architecture of a temple is. Visitors often recount the beauty and serenity of a chapel more than anything else.

There may be places in this world without basic sanitation, but talk about beautiful places of worship – you are likely to find one for sure. Is it the sanctity of the place or is it simply the kind of money it receives – worship places get all the attention they need. You may go to the poorest parts of Africa with children dying of hunger and diseases, but not far from wherever you may stand, you’ll find a church with better amenities than the best hospitals in the town. You may go to a village in Afghanistan and not find a single school or even a hospital, but not far from wherever you may stand, you’ll find a mosque or madrasa to pray and read for sure.

When you read the myths of gods and the numerous messengers, all you will find is how simple they lived and how modest their places of living were. They never sought high ceilings and adornments of precious metals. They never wanted shiny marbles or golden domes. They never asked people to visit them in millions or pay in thousands. For them, all that mattered was the goodness in humans, to give, more than one takes.

As much as these stories of gods and messengers may be myths, but the importance of humbleness is still relevant today, if not many, at least to some. Ironically, this is not what we see in our places of worship, which are more like mega malls than a humble place to seek peace.

Maybe those humble beings, with humbleness, similar to those gods and messengers in myths still exist today. You may try to meet them and try to know how they think. This may have been possible only if you had known the right place to find them. For sure, they would not be in your usual places of worship, which have everything but that one simple thing – the humbleness of your very own god whose blessings you are after.


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