Life often holds us back while some are simply untameable

Before seatbelt was invented by Volvo in the late 1950s, a car drive meant sitting in almost upright position, spreading your arms as wide as your comfort would demand. You could turn right as far as you wanted to go and turn left as far as your eyes wanted to roll – all while driving. Then came the seatbelts and gone were the freedom and space. No matter how wide the seats stretched across, we were held tight and back deep into seats by seatbelts. No matter how much gas filled our stomach or how far our chest bloated in pride, we always felt seatbelts tightening across our torso.

Even to this day, it is not hard to find people who find every opportunity to avoid seatbelts. If it wasn’t law that made wearing them necessary, a good majority of installed seatbelts would never see a single day of use. Come to think of it, they are created for our own benefit and probably saved millions of lives till date. If we are the kind brought up with safety in mind, we will wear them even if they hold us back.

Imagine you just finished schooling and you got a great idea to start your own business. This thought may have been the reason why giants like Google and Facebook made it big since the inventors quit college prematurely. However, not everybody makes it big or even make enough to last a year. For every success story; 1000 probably waned into abyss. It could be the fear of failure, lack of ambition or the impulse to follow safe path, which hold us back from the adventures of life and indefinite varieties of experiences – possible only if we explored.

One may argue that the safest path to life is the most intelligent way to live. But, not everybody is born to be that way. If it wasn’t for Christopher Columbus, America as we know today would not have existed. If Wright brothers and likeminded folks before them did not fly, we wouldn’t have the magnificent Airbuses and Boeings filling our sky. It may be in man’s best interest to choose safety over rest, but if it wasn’t the risk taken by some, we wouldn’t have had the progress we see – in so many. Maybe out of every 1000, 1 is meant to take that risk that rest wouldn’t – not just for himself, but for the betterment of everybody else. Life may hold you back but some are simply untameable.


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