Emotions are best kept stocked

The world that surrounds us isn’t stranger to the term ‘patent’. In fact, anybody smart enough to use connected devices must have come across the word at least once in lifetime. The word certainly shot to fame when Apple sued Samsung for stealing its design. Now that legal case of patent may have subsided but not the patent business across the globe.

It may seem just like another business but what it does is more than just service. It protects ideas of people from others who may steal it for their own benefit. What this shows is prevalence of evil in humans – which is in abundance more than we would like to think of.

Every man cannot be creative genius, so many supplement lack of it with theft. Stealing ideas may seem innocent at first, but when it renders another’s work of lifetime useless, it is no less than an armed heist. Had there been more good than evil, the industry of patent wouldn’t have thrived as it does today.

Like in the image shown above, shoe and bag stores do not stock all of their products in varying sizes on display. They only show the ones meant for presentation and not replace with a new one every day. These shoes may look all shiny and new, but when you make a purchase, it’s the shoes stocked in the storage behind that make it to your home. The store room may not look all flashy and bright, as the store in front do. What’s important is never put out in front of others, but rather kept in the back for customers who pay. Same thing happens in patent where people keep their innovation in secret, until it gets patented for them to sell it out in open.

Taking this analogy, we can learn something about life. There may be many people who may want to snatch what’s rightfully ours. So, it is important to protect what we possess. It doesn’t just extend to material things we have, not even just to ideas we can think of. It applies to the most vulnerable possession we can ever have – which is emotion.

The emotion of humans is the Achilles’ heel in many, even if they seem tough at first. The more you allow people to read you and explore, the more the chances for others to steal your peace and drain out energy. So, it may be important to hide your most vulnerable possession in the back, until you find the right customers who are willing to pay, not with money, but with emotions and love. Just like you patent your worthy innovation, you need to secure your emotions with the right reasoning and confidence. This will not only allow you to save it for the right people but keep thieves who steal peace of mind at bay. It makes me really think that emotions are best kept stocked!


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