Eating fruits show that we are neither fully moral nor completely immoral!

No! Fruits aren’t a gift from god for you. No! Fruits aren’t a gift from nature either. Fruits are such an important part of everybody’s life that there would not be a single person who would not have had tasted one. There would not be a single country that had not sold and consumed fruits. There would not be a single culture that would not have made mentions of fruits in their folklore or religious textbooks.
There would not be a single community that doesn’t consider a fruit as its favourite.

There would not be a single home that had not ever stocked fruits. There would probably have never been a medical website that had not talked about the benefits of eating fruits. There would probably be no doctor who had not advised patients on eating fruits. There would probably be no elementary English book for children that had not made use of a fruit as an example. There would probably be not a single supermarket that had not sold fruits. There would probably not a single terrorist who could ever fault fruits.

Fruits are probably among the few things that no one would ever dislike. Fruits are likely to be what most youngsters and elderly nearing death would be asked to eat more. With all these positivity surrounding fruits, it certainly has to be a gift from god descended to humans through nature – as many would say.

No matter how charming your fancy may be around fruits, you are simply obstructing reproduction of plants and trees by eating them. Fruits contain seeds and spreading seeds is their way to ensure their kind doesn’t go into extinction. Just the way man has sperms to reproduce.

You may argue that we have seedless fruits these days from GM trees and plants, but it is same as sterilizing stray bitches so they can’t reproduce. You may also argue that trees drop fruits so the seeds inside them are eaten by birds and animals, which then get transported to different places and seeded into earth through body waste. This may have been true had we been passing stools out in the open but we don’t.

One way or the other, we kill the possibility of more living things from springing to life. You may argue that we have no evidence yet of plants and trees feeling pain, sterilizing human beings wouldn’t induce any pain either.

Romanticizing nature may be easy but respecting it entirely, maybe not. Our idea about god and his gift of nature is so dubious and disjointed that it makes different ideas about life impossible to coexist. Thank goodness that we got people like Darwin, who gave us the theory of evolution and told us about the ‘survival of the fittest’. With time came the betterment of our morality, although half-baked, never mind an improvement.

We saw killing another human being as wrong but continued to cull animals in millions for meat. If we consider absolute morality to be our future then we would probably drive ourselves hungry to death. Fruits may offer us the perfect example of how we need to balance our morality to survive. Fruits show us that we can never be fully moral and not become completely immoral. If we go either extremes of morality, we can be certain not to survive. Just like our environment and the earth hangs in balance, we continue to live eating fruits and foods not really knowing what we really believe.


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