If you think you are unique then you should read this!

The image is not a candle holder or a lit cup placed on a table. Instead, it is a reflection of an upside down hanging lamp on a black glass table. It just took a little camera trick and some adjustments of aperture and shutter speed to focus the capture on the light and blacken out the surroundings.

The reflection off surfaces can often fool us believing the object we see is right there, but as we would eventually realize – it is just a reflection and not the real image.

These days, we all love to celebrate our uniqueness so much that even many of the brands have taken notice and create TV ads to sell the idea of individuality back to us. We are so indulged in this notion with so much vigour and conviction that we don’t even question if it is true. Just like no two DNAs are likely to be same, the universal truth may say no two individuals will ever be same. This may be true at micro level but it may not be as common as we would like to think when it comes to how we think.

Each time I go politically incorrect – be it in real life or on social media, I get constant advises from people to stay clear of saying anything offensive even if it may be true. I often question – I often challenge – the established social norms and the beliefs all around. When I talk about standing up and defending what may not seem right, I would often get disciplined to not meddle and let someone else take care of it.

The more I noticed things and complained, the more I was made to feel I shouldn’t – I was called a pessimist and I was called a negative thinker. All I would hear is about some unknown entity that would magically take care of things but not me. I get advised to either mingle with society and do what rest do or suffer to eternity.

I would often doubt myself and feel indignation at my lack of practicality. I would often feel abnormal while the rest of the world seemed perfect and normal. I would often curse my depth of thinking. I would often find my inability to align with reality amusing. I would often question what happened to those moral values which were once taught to us in school and at home with so much reverence.

Then I got the clarity of mind on what’s really happening to our kind. It’s not me who has been at wrong but everybody else who don’t get along. If you look at the history which is void of any mystery – it is never the common people or their common behaviour, which brought about seas of change and improved the condition of mankind. From Albert Einstein to Mahatma Gandhi and Edison to Abraham Lincoln; these were not groups or a population of a country who brought about great changes to our society. It is always individuals who dared to stand out and be truly unique – who bring about great changes that are for the good of mankind.

They faced contempt just like we would do today if we didn’t hold same opinions and thoughts like everybody else. If we said or did something different we would be called stupid and less intelligent, but thanks to those well-known and unknown names from our history who even went down to save and improve our existence.

You may call yourself unique no matter how much you may want to, but just by calling yourself unique may not make you one. For that matter, you may simply be just a shadow – a reflection of the society around you – a shadow of popular thinking, opinions and politically correct statements flying around you. You may think you see what reality is to everybody else, but just like the reflection of the lamp – it may just be the thoughts of collective mass and not uniquely yours.

If you think you’re really unique – think again!


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