Shake it off for Happiness

Living in constant happiness is like finding gold buried in your backyard. We all are after it – we know we won’t get it but still we are at it. We constantly seek happiness because our Facebook tells us we should, our TV commercials tell us we should, our spiritual leaders promise us we will, our neighbours seem to have it and in fact, the whole world seems to be happy except us.

So, we do many things to be happy. We seek wealth constantly to be happy. We seek power to be happy. We travel to exotic places and snap selfies to be happy. We go to the fanciest restaurants possible and seek happiness. All that we do for happiness seems quite predictable.

There could be so many ways to seek happiness and there could be even more sources of happiness that we’d probably not know. Although many may think they know it and call it facts of life – most are simply conditioned to act and do in certain ways that they deem appropriate. The reason why we all do similar things for happiness is because of the similar limitations we all grow up with and the routine ways we are told to think.

Sometime in our lives, we all would have visited theme parks. We must have enjoyed those thrilling rides and never-ending rolls of pink cotton candies. No matter how much we may resist now, we all may have that memory of excitement in flips and rolls. Some of these rides were like a train swirling and swinging up and down, and some were just like ships simply swinging left to right. Some tossed you up in the air and brought you back down with tremendous force. Some made you simply go in circles and some flipped you round and round – just like it is in the image we see.

The memories of these rides stay inside our head strong, as they all touched the excitement parts of our brain and made us happy each time. Only if we could break away from the incessant conditioning we go through all our lives, the more likely we will explore, find excitement and find more source of happiness in our lives. The time may be right to rejig and shake all our beliefs, rules, religious restrains, mundane trips, shallow standards, Marxist opinions and unscrupulous orders.

Shake it off the usual – including the usual sources of happiness. Explore and challenge routines and find the excitement that can always make you happy every time you think about it. Go round and round, left to right, swing up and down, roll to the top and swirl back to the earth – shake it off.


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