If begging was desperation then all strays would be dead

If I have to think of one trait of man which is his biggest blessing as well as his biggest curse then it certainly would have to be the ego. It is one of the biggest reasons why he survived the test of time and also the reason for many of his failings. Ego in humans may not be all that too simple to define and classify like two extreme corners of a room. It rather works in mysterious ways and understanding it can be as complex as a human brain.

Ego tells man what is above his stature and what is below. It tells him who he should command and under whom he can be commanded. It changes with time and readjusts with money. The bigger the power he thinks to possess the larger may his ego be displaced. The more he is subjugated and subdued from childhood the extremes at which his ego may manifest. If there was one thing that could easily make or destroy a man then it could be his ego.

When the state of a man falters, the higher the level of one’s ego – the higher the despair one will experience after fall, the lesser the stature – lesser the dent on his ego. Perhaps, being the most superior race on this planet, ego probably has a brighter side to it too. But, as our minds would develop – the more we talk about controlling it than liberating. Maybe, we no longer require that much ego as we once did.

Just look at the stray dogs of our streets. For love and food, they come to us with so much anticipation. Out of every 10 people they probably go to – 5 would likely drive them away because they are scared of them. Another 4 would probably don’t even look or entertain them, which leave just 1 person out of every 10, who may express love or give them food.

If every dog had ego like we do, they would probably never beg or even ask for food. If they thought it is beneath them to beg, most of them would have died by now in despair. If desperation was the end of ego then we wouldn’t have homeless people in thousands. Some of them may be in despair – many probably did out of choice – for not having the kind of choices that we could probably get with ease.

You may say it is just for survival or utter desperation of life, but if you could let go your prejudices – it may just be another way of life, which you can neither dare to live nor find the courage to accept.


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