No, we don’t need barrier protection from anything – everything else does from us!

Looking at this photo, many of you probably think that we are safe and sound because the barrier stopped the deer from pouncing on us and obliterate our existence off this earth. Look at it again and look at its eyes again. Deer is probably one of the most timid, shy and nervous animals out there that would if at all possible, never announce its presence or let humans see and explore it. Just getting a sight of it may require extensive search and patience in the wilderness.

The deer was anxious and peppy, yet it came close enough to get a good look at us and stayed there long enough for a beautiful photo. It’s not that we charmed it somehow or pulled it with exotic foods, it still decided to come close because it felt the same level of comfort and safety that we felt with it near us.

It is not a matter of fact that we felt safe from the animal because of the barrier; it is rather the deer which felt safe from us because of the barrier. Humans have this tendency to be paranoid of everything around and seek protection from them. If the truth be told, it is everything around us that needs protection from our destructive minds.

The humans created endless highways cutting through wilderness and deserts, cutting the path for animals to roam freely that they once did. We kept on reducing the size of their natural homes while we focused on increasing the size of our homes, temples, monuments, mosques, buildings and settlements.

It is not us who need protection from the wilderness but instead it is the wilderness that needs protection from humans. It is not the humans who need protection from the vastness of oceans and rivers; it is the natural water bodies that need protection from humans from polluting and destroying its ecosystem. It is not us who need protection from peaking mountains and hills but instead it is places like Himalayas that need protection from humans from littering and disturbing its delicate balance. It is not us who need protection from winter chills and scorching heats, it is the air that needs protection from humans who constantly pollute it and make breathing toxic.

Someone rightly observed that humans are the only species on the planet whose extinction will allow earth to thrive rather than shrink, as it is currently going through.

It is not humans who need protection from beautiful animals like deer; it is them who need strong iron railings to keep us away from them.


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