The Grass may be greener on the other side but the one on your side is still Green

‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ is an expression that can be often heard from a lot of people. However, it turns out that those people themselves do not seem to apply the meaning of this expression into their lives. The poor of the east want to head west in search of a better life and the fortunate of the west want to head east in search of spiritual meaning. Neither of them thinks to be living a meaningful life nor do they think it is leading to anywhere.

A rich man would only know what it feels like to have that little extra time and a homeless man would only know how it feels to kill all those endless hours day and night long. Looking through that tiny round glass at the beautiful bright and blue earth, an astronaut in space wonders when he would go back home – an impulsive teenager passing through adolescence would often ponder when he would get out of that home.

The wealth and fame of a successful actor is what attracts many young men, more than that it is the attention that the world gives them. However, it is the freedom to go anywhere and do anything stupid, without being bothered and judged, is what the most famous of them may wish for.

It seems that all we do throughout the seemingly endless lifetime is look at others and plan what our future should be like. No matter how good we know the definition of what uniqueness means, we again and again defy its implication in our life. On the positive side, we may call it seeking inspiration by looking at others and setting our future goals, but we often forget to ask them about the pain that they experienced to get there and the pain that they are experiencing because they are there.

How awkward it would be, if Bill Gates sung rap songs, how awkward it would be if Gandhi played basketball like an NBA star – just imagine!


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