The endless search for man’s best friend

The most important search a person does is not Google search or even the search for food. It is the search for a soul mate. Although it may just last for a decade or two, it impacts our fancies and breaks all our myths we think to be true. The brainwashing begins quite early in life when we read and watch wonderful stories too nice to be not true. It gets further ingrained in our minds as we start playing with Barbie dolls and superheroes of our time.

We read books and other people’s minds; they all have the same Cinderella story like expectation out of life. Some magic will happen in their life and they will get the most beautiful of wives. Same is the story for women everywhere who think they will get the best deal out of life. The perfect world of television is just another medium that tells us all the feelings, which we should be feeling and what dress we could be wearing, to make the best impression on our future companion.

We begin our adolescent journey with the same goal of finding the perfect partner for lifetime. We put so much effort in our pursuit that we think more about impressing with our beauty than mind. Some of us get better deals and some of us do not, we reach a compromise. Kudos to those, who continue the battle of finding the best things in life, which are not just hard to find but brings a lot of surprises you’d never thought you’ll find.

You may even end up finding a beautiful partner, like the Barbie doll from Disneyland or the strongmen of Iceland. Everything would look beautiful full of happiness and bliss. It won’t take much time to realize, the biggest prize in relationships and family life. It’s something we talk a lot but fail to apply to our thoughts. It’s not beauty or the brains; it’s the loyalty we constantly seek.

We may get it to a great extent, but it’s never 100 per cent. It always comes with some clause that makes me wonder if it is part of love or just some business deal. Some of us could be very lucky but most of us will only realize late in life, loyalty is not something one demands, it is something one earns, not as reward but out of respect or pure love.

All that you’ve spent on your partner till now; energy, love, time and money – try spending just a tenth of that on a dog. You’ll see what true multiplication of mathematics is when you get the amount of love and loyalty in return. No wonder someone rightly identified, man doesn’t need another man to be his best friend – dogs can be man’s best friend, plus the irreplaceable loyalty you’ll never find elsewhere.


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