Did God really create us all Equal?

God may be great, god may be the almighty – it may all be true or it may all be just not. We don’t know it now or will ever know, but what surprises me is the conviction with which everybody thinks they know. They say god is a ‘he’ and created everything we come to have known. From air to water, from stars to planets, from rivers to oceans, from lands to mountains – everything is his creation and we don’t know why.

They say we are his children and we are all equal in his eyes. We may look different but shall receive his love, no less than anyone else. This may sound really sweet and comforting to the mind, but just look around yourself, this is not what you will find. While conditions of humans may be getting better with time, this is not the case for many animals that still don’t have a home to call ‘mine’.

If we received love in equal, shouldn’t our sizes be the same? Although it shouldn’t matter, survival belongs to the fittest, is what everyone claims. Even though we continue to fool ourselves by the claim that we are all equal, when it comes to his blessings, we certainly don’t seem to be same.

The bigger the corporations, the bigger they grow more, the more the powerful someone is, the more power he seems to gain. Some live in big mansions, many don’t even have clothes to cover their shame, if this is what creating equal means then our logic are terribly lame.

Look at the stray dog licking his face watching the garbage pile and then look at the giant bull eating it with so much ease because it knows the dog would not dare to get any closer. This is the reality for most of us, who are nothing but spectators watching the rich and powerful with drooling face. As they drive by in their Ferraris, we are forced to be content with our Toyota Yaris. You may say they worked hard and some of them really would have, but competition is like watching cockfights where cocks don’t have any real rights. There is a terrible flaw in the design of humans, where some are more competitive and some are more sensitive. The one displacing a fellow human is called a winner and the one less competitive is called a loser.

Those who are born to riches and politically powerful are called lucky while the ones born to poor with disabilities of the body and mind are called unfortunates. If god created and loved us all equal then why we aren’t equally competitive, equally moral, equally able and equally fit – this just makes me wonder if god really created us or the thought itself is just a creation of wishful thinking.


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