Bringing more Warmth to Humanity

Heat is one of the ultimate truths of our existence that nobody can challenge ever. We never doubt its existence because we see it, we feel it and we seek it. We need it to survive, we use it to cook our foods and we create it to keep ourselves warm.

It is not just us who experience heat every moment of our time; the whole known universe is filled with energy, which is just another form of heat. The vastness of our universe continues to expand while the heat continues to cool down. We are so lucky that our solar system happens to be in the Milky Way galaxy, with the right amount of heat and coldness for our ancestors to come into existence. Had it been too hot or too cold, we wouldn’t be here to write and read this article.

Man thinks he created fire, rushed it to cook his meal and worship his lord. He used it in agriculture and to light up his nights. He used it warm up his sleeps and used it to get that fake skin tan. He thinks he knows how to master the heat without even realizing what it means. If there is good – there must be bad, this is theory that man really carries on. But to his dismay, there is no cold against the heat; it is just the lack of it. The lack of heat or energy is what we call cold, but it does not exist in reality. Just for our convenience, we created an opposite to everything we can – including goodness.

The heat is not just for your foods and to create nuclear bombs – it is meant for bigger things. Don’t limit your heat to create warmth in your homes and malls, use it to create warmth with others.

Warmth in relationships – warmth in friendship, warmth with neighbouring homes – warmth with neighbouring countries; is what we need more than anything else today. The warmth for patience – the warmth for emotions, the warmth for different ideas – the warmth for different ideologies, the warmth for freedom – the warmth for expression; are the only ways we will see a better future.


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