Scooping our Mother Earth out

4.54 billion Years is how old our mother earth is. Measuring its journey through the passage of time is like trying to count the stars studded in the sky. 24 hours is all that mayflies live – I know it’s hard to believe. Compare that to 80 years of human life – which may sound a lot, but believe me it’s not. The age of earth has so many zeros that most of us would never have even if we were Heroes.

As the time passed on, many things were added on. If you stepped out, only to get out – not just from your homes but from all of your city comfort zones, you’ll see how much resource we get from our mother nature that we often fail to nurture.  The supply will seem endless as if we humans are blessed limitless, only to realize sooner or later, how much we got it degraded.

The bulging mountains and rising towers only makes our senses – wanting more. We go on and on – because our logic has gone sore. Our population is a huge load that will certainly explode, if not in 1 year, may be in ten years. Our mouth size remains same but our appetite is to blame, we take more than we need – we waste more than we should.

Earth is not infinite supply that universally applies – it’s like a large plate full of resources, on which we rely. The spoons are its children who scoop out its supply, in order to survive. More than one, you have five – more of them, the more the resources, they will require. A day will come when all our income, may not matter or will be welcome.

The only thing that will be left – will be the empty spoons on the empty plate. All our resources on top of our earth, will be gone leaving nothing left to scoop. Let’s begin today by being more responsible – take only what you really need, which your conscious says is allowable.


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