Generation Next or Generation Lost?

When I grew up in the 1980s, modesty was the order of the day. It was not just limited to how we sit and eat, dress and dance or walked and talked, but extended to affairs of virtues and respect for elders. With the dawn of 1990s, the television and print had picked up pace and endless Michael Jackson numbers were received through radio waves.

Although we were called the generation ‘X’, we weren’t so sure what to expect next. It was only by the year 2000 that we began to notice changes in thousands. Our youth had slowly faded and the world looked jaded.

This notion did not last long the moment we realized we’ve moved on. A new set of youngsters started to appear, some of whom looked gangsters. Far from the word ‘modesty’ they seemed to lack decency. Although they may be intellectually superior but they seemed morally inferior.

I may be simply generalizing but people like me agree after realizing – respect and virtues don’t have anymore space in the dollar and prestige race. Of course, exceptions are always there but increasingly becoming harder to find anywhere.

I also think it is not just the kids who should be blamed, in a world where parents themselves are not properly-behaved. Back then, we had plenty of time for breaks, to think and reflect whatever it takes. All that we do today is to run back and forth, between reality TV and video games.

Back in the days, our emotions weren’t so tight, we would smile and cry even without a fight. Fast forward to the age of tough kids, who make millions faster than anything else. They are joyous, ecstatic and emphatic with emotions quite static. They have love and affection plenty in store but only reserved for that one that they soon wouldn’t want anymore.

You ask them to pose for a photo and they respond with their middle fingers, as if this is their life motto. This makes me wonder, if this is the generation next or the generation lost.


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