Gearing Backward before Moving Forward

If the well-known physicists ‘Albert Einstein‘ got it right then our past, presence and future exist simultaneously. This could be a complex subject albeit an important one. If you don’t get what I just said, you may see the video at the end of this article.

Although past is conceived important, we live in a culture that values moving forward, just like the car in the picture. We value future plans, be it for money or be it family. We value future because we want to make it better, from what it is now or what it had been in the past. Future is undoubtedly the most important aspect that comes by moving forward.

When we see a shiny new car at a dealer, we only inquire its top speed forward, not backwards. We don’t even ask if it has a back gear to go backwards, we simply assume it to be there. This is how consumed we are about going forward. However, if we’ve ever driven, we’d know how important it is to have a back gear and go backwards. The endless roads and loops may seem to support endless forward driving but the truth is, our time spent in forward travel will always be limited. Every time we want to move forward from parking, we need to back up a little and steer the car to the right direction and move forward.

Our life can be somewhat similar, we may think about moving forward at all times but sometimes, we may just need to sit back and rethink our forward travel, and the destination. Going backward is not always waste of time, it can be like a solid foundation for what to come going forward. Just like it happens in building tall structures, the taller it shoots into the sky, the deeper we go building its base, beneath the ground.

The bigger our expectations are, the bigger mediums we seek to go forward. The bigger and expensive car we buy, higher the attention it requires to back and steer forward.

Similarly in life, the larger our dreams are the more difficult it may be for us to step back, change past actions and move forward. The smaller our dreams are and the simpler we live, the easier it is for us to step back and change the course of our life. No wonder the lightest of all vehicles, bicycles don’t have back gears and all it requires to go backward is a little push and it is all set to go forward in a new direction, in no time.

The video below explains how our past, presence and future exist simultaneously.


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