A Tribute to Napkins

From the tears running down your eyes, through the contours of your eyelids, to those annoying bouts of cold, which cause those long-haul running nose. From the gathered dirt on your face to those oil-smeared fingers in the bowl. From the french fries dipped in excess oil to the secretions of your face boil. From the modest caravan to expensive palace in town.

From your favorite restaurant to your favorite pub. From the largest Walmart to the nearest shop. From your fastest car to the largest airplane. From the family packs to pocket swipes. From the square-shaped decks to kitchen rolls. From draping doughnuts to wiping butt holes – napkin’s role is like no other.

This is an article to pay tribute to this unsung hero of our time, which has served not just one or two but thousands of our needs. Be it in the west or be it far east, be it during peacetime or be it during war, napkins have served all without distinctions and discrimination. Some may call it napkins, some may call it tissues, some may call it wipes and some may just don’t bother.

The earliest mention of napkins may come from 2nd century BC China to ancient Greeks using breads as wipes. It may perhaps be the lightest but serves a purpose that is mightiest. It not only helps you get rid of dirt but helps you stay bright. You may forget your pack of cigarette but you may not forget it. As you never know when you might just need it.

So, should we dedicate a moment of silence for all the napkins ever produced and all that will be? Come to think of it, it never demanded such felicitation for all its facilitation. The least we could do is just realize, how our lives are filled with small but significant resources that make our life so much better and full of intermittent happiness.


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