What good insecurity does to us?

Most of us go through a simple life cycle. It begins with our birth and with the passage of time, it goes through the middle age to end in old age. Even before our birth our parents start to worry about finances. However, the real haunting begins to appear when we reach our middle age thinking about our old age. We seek retirement plans, call insurance companies, seek endless advises thinking how can we own a nice house, have enough money by our side before we fade away into the abyss of old age and death.

Look at the image, an old man nearing death, sitting by the Ganges, wrapped and clad in the traditional Indian dress usually worn by saints. He got no medical insurance and got no home. Most likely, he got no bank savings either. All he got to survive is that piece of cloth, a begging bowl, an umbrella and some trivial accessories. Call it his belief or call it his business – call it his destiny or call it his choice. I wonder what insecurity would mean to him and how many of his insecurities turned out to be as he’d imagined them to be in his lifetime.

I ask myself and rest, what good insecurity does to us?


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