This is What the World Looks to us When we Can’t Think Straight!

The image shows multiple light aberrations in the background. In the photography world this is known as the motion blur effect. This takes place when the shutter speed of a camera is set to low, which means it takes a very long time to capture a single image. It is the same effect that you see when you take a picture with your phone and the subject moves quickly.

This is exactly how most of our brains work too. If our brain isn’t quick enough to capture the reality surrounding us and interpret it correctly, it would all look distorted, supernatural, mystical and sheer aberration. The faster our mind is at comprehending everything around us more accurately, the faster and easier it is for us to see things straight.

When you see things straight, you understand the cause and effect better. You understand how things work. You realize all the possible consequences of your actions. The world will no longer be an aberration shrouded in mystery.


3 thoughts on “This is What the World Looks to us When we Can’t Think Straight!

  1. sir the photographic depiction along with the narrative is surely entralling. it is entirely true that its highly pertinent for the mind to comprehend the things as they are in their entirety and wholeness, otherwise the strings get entangled more and more as the mind is nothing but the accumulation of our thoughts. it is the parent and the store house of the multiple thoughts and theories. so to comprehend those thoughts in a symmetrical way, its important to focus on the teleological aspect of the thoughts and consequently the mind.
    but its equally important to move from the arena of thoughts and mind, that is, beyond mind, which is the ultimate state of meditation, where the self becomes the society and the society becomes the no-self……….

  2. the depiction here overtly brings the concept of illusion versus reality as being manifested in Jean Genet’s plays and autobiographical accounts………. the multiple light aberrations highly correspond to the muliple thoughts produced by the mind. the mind which is the culmination of rationality into a particular form brings different thoughts under one pattern. if we are quick enough to comprehend that pattern, we will comprehend the joy of enjoying the mysteries of this existence, otherwise we will surely loose that power to comprehend the pleasure of enjoying that mystery. as far as your narrative is concerned about the depiction here, i would rather say that sometimes and infact to some extent, the mysteries of this existence are not at all needed to be unravelled. they just need to be enjoyed, that is what the pleasure of becoming enlightened is………that is what the pleasure of becoming buddha, zarathushtra, krishna, mahavira, nanak is………….

  3. but i applaud you to bring this minute depiction and concept here because to understand that certain mystries of our existence just need to be enjoyed and not to be understood, we certainly need to understand the need to move from the state of unconsciousness to consciousness……..then only we can move towards superconsciousness…………..

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