The Last Straw of Fashion

Since the man learned to walk on his two limbs, used his language skills to converse and mastered the art of making jewelleries – fashion probably followed soon. It may have started with coloured ‘clothes’ by few privileged ‘folks’ to fashionable ‘jewels’ that blows away ‘blues’.

Call our body the ‘Medina’ of fashion or the birth place of clothing, to cover and protect – our body and nothing else. It then made its way up, to the face at a pace regardless of the race. It took the form of necklace for those who weren’t reckless. It transformed into rings for ears and fingers, with years. Then, the pellets of the necklace fell around the legs – to become the anklets, sounding like mini bells.  It then moved back up, to the top of round head – to become the round hat, as we know it today.

It looked elsewhere but could go nowhere. It looked right then it looked left. It looked up and then it looked down. It found the only part – that wasn’t covered with art. It was the part with the highest number of bones, out of all zones – of human body. It was feet where the fashion would finally retreat. Since then, shoes became the last straw, where fashion could go.


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