We are Slaves to our Senses!

Think about it! How many times we hear people say that humans are greedy? Quite often!  What is it about us humans that make us greedy and why are we greedy? What triggers greed in us?

Well, once upon a time when we were hunters and gatherers, like 10,000 years ago, greed was probably an important biological and evolutionary trait of humans needed for survival. So, the greed drove us to find more meat and eat more, which ensured that we survived hunger and lived longer.

Today, most of us do not have to worry so much about food (if not most of us, at least for those who are able to read this post), as it is available in plenty in multitude of options from junk foods to organic. Similarly, other things in our world are available in plenty with so many options. We can also be certain that these things will be there as long as we are alive, and we can also be quite certain that we won’t die of hunger unless we are lost in wilderness. Yet, we often find ourselves in situations where we can be labeled as greedy. So why are we being greedy?

If you look at the photo on top of this article, the freshly made banana pie roll with hot chocolate sauce and maple syrup all around it is not only delicious to look at, but it can trigger your taste buds to swim over your drool. It’s not you who wants to eat it; it’s your senses. It is your taste buds and eyes that are telling your brain that you want it in your mouth. It is true that when we are hungry, anything that is safe to eat could satiate our hunger, but how many of us really eat just to satiate our hunger? Perhaps, not many!

Likewise, when we could drive from point A to point B in a simple and sober Toyota, we still seek the thrill of a Ferrari or the luxury of a Jaguar. When we could simply jump off our bed for some thrill and activity yet we like skydiving from 20,000 feet. When we could buy an iPhone 5 in white or black yet we buy iPhone 5 Gold.

The greed does not really represent us and it’s not really us who are greedy. It’s just our senses that make us look so greedy. We are slaves to our senses!


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