Weird Trends by Humans

The world we live in is a little weird because of the weird trends the man has been setting in motion since the world shrank. His obsession with symmetry is astounding. Be it ancient Egyptian pyramids or be it Indian Taj Mahal, the obsession with symmetry is very visible without a question. Let alone materialistic things, we seek symmetry even in humans. We want perfect nose and identical cheeks. We want perfect jaw and identical ears. Anything that goes asymmetry is treated abnormal – we call them disabled or specially challenged. But hey, they get that special parking spot be it a mall or a hospital. Now is that a privilege or is it a reminder, that our obsession with symmetry has gone wilder.

Now comes the modern age where we have these modern arts, which have made some space for asymmetry in our lives. These chairs are the perfect examples of asymmetry, which have been accepted as modern thought and made expensive. But hey, look how these two chairs are placed next to each other; the man has yet again made symmetry out of asymmetry – and the weird human trends continue.


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