Showing Your Best Even at Your Worst

What makes some people great? Some are great because history tells us that they are. Some are great because they are famous movie stars. And, there are some who are great because they do great charity work. Some of the big names in philanthropy today are Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg. The biggest donors are people who are generally very powerful and rich. From this, it may seem like extremely rich people are capable of such philanthropy much more than a common man.

Philanthropy of this level may never be possible for individuals who earn just enough to meet their monthly expenses. Forget philanthropy, even extending a helpful hand to someone else maybe a struggle for many with burdened responsibilities – both at work and home. And, there are some who do double shifts at different jobs and juggle responsibilities, be it to pay off mortgages or just the expenses of their kid’s education and bills of all kinds – from electricity to medical bills.

So, will it be right to expect philanthropy and good deeds only from the rich and powerful? 

The image shows cactus plants with beautiful flowers of different kinds and colors. What’s interesting is that even these rugged cactus plants that grow in the most arid desert regions, without any water, can have beautiful flowers blooming on top of spiky thorns.

If these cactus plants can have flowers in one of the harshest environments and structures that are not beautiful to look at, with thorns, then to extend our goodness to others, we don’t need a billion dollar in our bank or be famous like Angelina Jolie, all we need is a heart that can open wide for others.

It’s not always the money that people ask for, it can be as little as acknowledgement, some company and direction, from one human being to another. What we put forward during our best of times may not be as powerful as what we can give in our toughest times. What makes people great is not the money they possess, but, it is their ability to stay consistent during thick and thin. If a flower can grow on a thorny cactus, we should be able to show our better side even at the worst of times.


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