Some Things in Life are Truly Priceless

I was recently invited to an anniversary dinner where a gentleman suggested that I should write something short on cakes. Just as our discussion proceeded on cakes, I instantly developed a short story in my head, which I wanted to share. Since, I have not taken good photos of cakes in the recent past, I thought of using some random photos of cake that I already had in my photo collection. So, please excuse the uninspiring photo of the plum cake.

Who doesn’t like cakes?

There would only be a handful people who may not have a taste for cakes – delicious, soft and creamy cakes are a treat for the senses.

Unfortunately, most of the best-tasting things in life are simply bad for our health

The cakes are no different. Cakes have extremely high carbohydrate content. They are exceptionally high on fat too. They can raise your blood cholesterol that can give you a heart attack in the long run. They also put you at high risk of getting diabetes, if eaten regularly.

No matter how much we try to control, we end up eating them more than we should – it’s simply impossible to resist the tempting delicious cake exploding inside our mouth.

We order cakes every now and then, be it for birthdays or marriages. Even when we know that it has serious health consequences. Why do we do it? Is it just for taste?

Because, cakes are truly priceless

Many of us may not realize this but cakes are not just about taste, they are an important part of our life and they simply provide much more.

Be it summer or be it winter, be it a small gathering of just two or of two hundred. Be it a birthday party or be it someone’s anniversary, be it just a dessert or be it someone’s graduation party – cakes are always there. They never go out of fashion, they never get replaced. Whether it’s a growing economy or a hard-hit recession, we always find the money to buy that one cake for that one special occasion. Whether we had fight all day or whether we stayed apart for months and years, when that cakes is being cut, we always come together, smile and clap. Cakes may have their health disadvantages but they bring people together.

A large hall may have hundreds of noisy people cross talking, chitchatting and murmuring. But, when that one voice calls everyone’s attention for the cake cutting. Everyone simply pauses and comes together and pay attention. Be it qualms or complaints we may have in mind, when that cake is being cut, we simply forget all that and cherish that moment of joy and celebration.

Cake is not just another food that we eat but a powerful tradition that cuts across all cultures, races, religions, regions and reasons, which brings people together with one goal in mind – to celebrate and share one or many people’s happiness. Regardless of the decadence we see in the world today, cake will continue to stimulate our ingrained need for celebration and sharing for centuries to come.

We can neither define cakes as sugar and fat nor let their price tag come in our way. As for them, they are simply priceless.


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