We Live like these Fountain Nozzles

When fountain nozzles are supplied with water under right amount of pressure, they shoot the most perfect stream of water. The gushing jets of water are perfectly aligned and are beautiful to look at. They never diverge or fall back as the pressure keeps them going. We start expecting the jet streams to always continue shooting water with the same amount of vigour all day long and every time we look at it.

Just like these fountain nozzles, we tend to always stay under pressure to think in certain direction and act in certain ways. These pressures drive us to project an image of ourselves that we simply create for others, to please people who may not matter at the end. Although we are not anything like these mechanical nozzles, but we put ourselves through unneeded mechanical perfection, which is not just hard to achieve but impossible to sustain.

Our composition may not necessarily reflect our natural disposition but our desire to sustain it keeps us under constant pressure, always. This pressure does not do much good to us, as it simply makes us do things, which may be just a spectacle for people, who again, may not matter at the end.


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