Why Do We Keep Animal Statues?

The photo shows seating arrangement of a restaurant inside a mall with camel statues next to it.

In the world we live today, it is not uncommon to see life-sized animal statues placed comfortably in restaurants, homes, museums, parks and other public places. Our fascination with them is not something recent but goes back thousands of years – a reference to the ancient animal statues found in Egypt especially that of cats – ‘mau’ is what cats were called then in Egypt.

Why do we keep animal statues?

The reasons can lead to a long list but we certainly enjoy being close to certain animal statues – animals that may inspire our adoration with their cuteness or inspire awe for the symbol of power they represent – as in the case of lions. Likewise, other animals stir up other perceptions like cheetahs for agility, foxes for intelligence, and doves for world peace.

Although we take the delight in having a variety of animals around us, in the form of statues, most of us may not be so giving and kind if they were real in flesh and blood. When we have real animals, they demand extensive care and demanding attention. They need medical care, grooming and comfort just as a child would need.

We may not want all these responsibilities yet we like the convenient version of them. Likewise, we show similar inclination towards fellow humans. We want well-dressed partners that we can flaunt, but we frown upon responsibilities, which may come. We deride hard work and hardship for living beings that may not return benefits yet we expect, pleasing of our senses.

Be it humans or animals, decadence of meaningful relationships continues to grow and the day may not be far, when we may have beautiful human statues and humanoids in our homes and lawns for whom, we may need not care.


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