Where does creativity come from?

When we go for a brand new car or a brand new motorbike, we get to choose from different colours and body stickers of the same model. These choices are not just limited to vehicles but pretty much anything and everything we buy these days. We like different colours and the variations that come with them. Although, we may celebrate our ability to manufacture things with the choice of different colours but the origin of these ideas can be quite debatable.

These birds shown in the picture can be male or female – may belong to same breed or hybrids, but they all are ducks – ducks with different colours – colourful and vibrant. The first idea to make colourful things like clothes might have come a couple of hundred thousand years back, but the colorful ducks have been around for much more longer. So, did the man come up with the idea of manufacturing same thing in different colours first or perhaps, he simply got inspired from the nature around him?

These things make me wonder if most of our creativity and ideas come from within or they are simply a reflection of the environment around us – a probable reason why most of us consider nature and the landscapes as the ultimate beauty more than anything else.

The photo shows probable mallard breed of wild ducks with the green neck one being a male and the dark brown being a female. They both have violet-blue spot on their feather indicating their possible breed.


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