Soaring High Freely May not be as Easy as You Think

This sight has captured the imagination of millions for centuries – the view of a pristine white dove flying against the backdrop of a deep blue sky. And we wonder how free they seemingly are – flying high, cutting through wind, wandering aimless and directionless, going where their heart tells them to and where their fluttering wings take them to – all in contrast to our overly directional life.

Their life seems to be every man and woman’s deepest desire to be free, the ultimate realization of true freedom in all sense.

The Flip Side

Contrary to what we may imagine, birds go through unpredictability pretty much all the time. They not only face the wrath of nature but man-made conditions that threaten their existence. They can get dehydrated especially in extreme summers if their scarce source of water disappears. They can face sudden and imminent death if their only pair of wings gets clipped or damaged for whatever reason, unlike humans, they are least likely to get any help to get back in the sky. Their extreme sensitivity to pollution and other toxic fumes make their survival unpredictable as they don’t have a second shot at life if they get sick. Their temporary homes are at the mercy of humans, which can be taken away at a whim if we decide to evict them without notice. And, last but not least – they always have to watch out for predators both on land and air – cats, dogs, eagles and vultures are just few of them.

As a human, if you think your situation is tough, think again – it could be same for most out there or even worse, no matter how happy their Facebook wall may seem like. We may need to deal with life as it may come – as life is tough and is likely to be in future – at least for many of us.

This reminds of the phrase – ‘the grass is always greener on the other side.’


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