The Hunt is ON, when was it ever OFF?

The photo shows a trendy high-heeled shoe displayed at an exclusive shop in a Dubai mall.

When it comes to shoes, shoes of women, there hasn’t been a single moment in history when the hunt for shoes by women would have stopped or even slowed down for that matter – ask their boyfriends, husbands or fathers.

The oldest pair of shoes found on the planet dates back to 7,000 – 8,000 BCE, which makes it roughly 10,000 years old. The inventor of the first pair of shoes would have never thought the chain reaction he/she would set in motion. A reaction that will trigger never-ending evolution of shoes from a flat piece of leather to the razor sharp piece of art it is today (see the picture above).

Yes, these women shoes we see today don’t look anything like an accessory to protect feet. Instead, they look like a disguised sharp killing device made by James Bond’s assistant ‘R’ from the James Bond series. And yes, they look like a piece of art too, in fact, like a piece of expensive painting on a wall that is beautiful to look at but costs a fortune to buy, and still, it won’t serve any practical purpose.

Anyone who has studied even little human anatomy would find it hard to conceive that these heeled modern shoes will be anything but comfortable or are they? Like a hen never fails to lay eggs, okay that’s a bad example. Like a hospital never runs out of sick patients and a McDonald out of burgers, these shoes will continue to evolve and continue to cause heartburn – to other jealous women and to the one with a dent on the wallet.

The Hunt is ON!


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