The Cycle of Youth

This sunflower’s state would not inspire many, perhaps any for that matter. Like an old person, the petals are wrinkled and withered – unable to hold onto the body, curling downwards under gravity. But soon, the flower dies only to arise, in a different stem. A new sunflower arrives, with petals soaked in deep yellow, as deep as a bright glowing sun, and texture, as fresh as an early morning breeze.

This is the cycle that plants and flowers follow, which goes for humans too. Although we accept this truth of life, most of us don’t want to swallow. We don’t like the word ‘old’ even though we may call ourselves ‘bold’. We desist being old as much as the idea of getting old. We hold on to our youth tight, just as a king does to his throne. Then comes the day, when you give up or the life gives up on you. But hey, it’s not the end – it’s the beginning, but somewhere else.


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