Survival Lessons these two Cows can Teach us

Sometimes, our impulse to secure food, security and means may drive us to situations that might be far less from being ideal. These situations may make us dig deep into places we may have never imagined to go – even bringing us down to our knees (just like the black cow in the picture), and, we do it regardless of the surroundings and regardless of who may be watching us (referring to the white cow in the image).

Generally speaking, life’s going to be full of unpleasant phases now and then, some smelly and some outright loathsome. However, the important thing during these times is to throw our dignity in the backseat and push hesitation out of the window, and just start digging, as deep as you can – as long as it takes, all the way. However, there may be some who simply won’t do it no matter what, call it their ego or their pride. They may not be wrong as long as they accept – the outcome, their choices will bring.

We may have come of ages since Darwin emphasized the importance of adaptation to survive and survival of the fittest, but, even in today’s so called civilized age, these factors come in the picture more often than we may realize and more direct than we may want to experience.

The picture was taken in a town before Kausani, Himachal Pradesh, India.


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