Is Our Beauty A Mere Reflection?

You can see the beautiful craftsmanship of flowers and plants etched on what seems like polished marble stones. If you look at the floor, it is highly reflective than the wall, although both are made from the same type of stone. The floor must have been treated to some high-grade polish than the wall. This makes the floor look grand, magnificent, and opulent – invoking a sense of luxury every inch of its existence.

The other side of the story

Although, the extremely reflective floor may have been awe-inspiring if seen alone, however, in the presence of light and the wall next to it – we can see the reflection of the wall getting mixed up with the design of the floor, leading to obscurity of the floor’s beauty and design.

This makes seeing the floor’s true design clearly quite difficult, and it is left to one’s imagination to some extent. Similarly in life, when we spend too much of our energy in polishing our image and physical outlook just to get attention from the society and to influence their opinion – we tend to lose our true self, and we start reflecting what others may want to see in us, not what we truly are. Just like the photo, people start to see reflections of others’ prejudices in us, not the real character we may want to carry.

In our quest to be desirable, a lot of us fall victim to this illusion of self-reflection where we send out a confused, mixed up image about ourselves throughout our life even though we may be a different person inside – possessing the potential to be equally beautiful and attractive without the need for artificial shine and polish.

See the wall again; it has all the beauty that the floor has – minus the shine, but clearer than the floor.


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