Does Democracy Really Work?

The picture shows a stark contrast of what this middle eastern country’s homes used to look like in the 1960’s (a house made of stones shown below) and what it is today (tall twin towers rising in the background). Going from bricks and stones to towering steels and concrete in less than 50 years doesn’t happen by chance.

Oil and Monarchy

No wonder oil can do wonders in today’s world as it has done for this middle eastern country and many more in the region. But, what’s interesting is that this high standard of living and growth has taken place under a monarch. Now that calls for the question whether Monarchy is really bad for its people? Is Democracy the most ideal way forward for mankind?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Many would be quick to give credit for the success of some of these middle-eastern countries to their oil. However, if the oil money was never channeled to infrastructure and its people, and instead the monarch kept it to himself with absolute dictatorship (as it has been witnessed in Iraq, Libya etc.), then how could there have been any development and improvement in the quality of its people’s lives? But still, somehow many of us think getting ruled by Monarchy is same as being enslaved and Democracy is a must to fit with the modern world.


Even in democracy, we are still choosing someone to rule us, although we like to think otherwise. More often, democracy has only created mess than good, especially in countries with large population. Some exceptions could be countries in Europe like Belgium, Finland, Sweden etc., where democracy is practiced in real sense, better than others, with efficiency and transparency – an interesting thing to note here is their population, which runs in few millions only.

Which is better and which is not is a discussion that can run into many books. But, what’s important to note here is that when you have too many opinions with varied interests and agendas, from a variety of backgrounds, it becomes impossible to arrive at anywhere unless dictated.


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