If Plants Were Curtains

What if curtains and blinds in our homes become obsolete one day – to be replaced by a variety of genetically modified plants?

Imagine, your big and wide glass windows had no curtains inside but a variety of bright green plants with flowers of your liking, outside. And, they could become so thick and dense at dusk – when the sun sets down that not a single light from the room can escape. When it is dawn – they spread out at a preset distance to let a preset amount of first rays of sunlight to come inside your room. What’s more? Their genetically modified flowers could attract bees, birds and colorful butterflies on them early in the morning – every single morning. What a sight it would be. Wouldn’t it be simply majestic?

As the quote goes – ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, someday it may become redundant¬†for us to go hiking all the way to find nature’s beauty and instead, we could have slice of that beauty right outside our window. Just imagine!


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