Getting Lost May be Necessary in Life

There was a time when we used to get lost in streets and then we would look for simple signboards like the one shown in the picture above. These days, we have GPS, we have smartphones, we have Google Maps, we have Apple Maps, and a number of other ways we can find our way through technology, without the need for human intervention. On the contrary, when we get lost in life, thoughts and emotions – we don’t find these signboards no matter how hard we look. And, on top of that, technology doesn’t come to our rescue either.

When it comes to finding a destination in a city – we rely on strangers to show us the way when technology isn’t in the picture. However, when it comes to finding meaning in life, forget strangers, many of us don’t even confide in people we call our own. Of course, people aren’t signboards. But, having been guided at every step in our childhood by our parents and others, many of us carry that expectation throughout our life – constantly looking for that special someone to depend on and confide in.

In our journey to a destination, we can end up meeting, engaging, and striking meaningful and resourceful conversations with strangers. We also learn the existence of not just one but other ways to our destination too. Getting lost at times can be really helpful. Likewise, sometimes it is perfectly alright for us to not find anyone to guide us and give direction when we are lost deep in life. By being lost, we can find and discover more things about ourselves and others than what we can do in our lifetime. However, what we should try to avoid is getting lost in the same place twice and getting wrongly directed by the same person twice.


2 thoughts on “Getting Lost May be Necessary in Life

  1. How true! (…and sometimes, being lost is somewhat a good thing as it helps one to find an even better path or direction in life)

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