A Lesson Drawn from a Daydreaming Dog on Wheels

Yes, it’s a tricycle made for the handicapped. No, it doesn’t belong to the dog. Yes, the dog is sleeping on it. No, the dog doesn’t know its owner. Yes, it is parked out in the open. No, the dog doesn’t care!

It is ironic how much we fuss about our sleeping habits, pattern and the stuff we sleep on. Yet, the dog is able to get a warm nap under the sun, nestled comfortably with front legs tucked under its smiling face, and the tail curling towards the edge – suspended downwards. And, the tricycle is not even its own. There is a huge uncertainty surrounding the tricycle – the owner never parked it there before and is less likely to come there after. Yet, the dog isn’t discouraged from getting a peaceful nap that may have lasted for just a while.

We certainly cannot trade our intelligence or comfort with dogs. But, we certainly can learn few things from them. One of which, is the fact that in life, we can never achieve certainty, so it is better to find teeny-weeny happiness and satisfaction wherever we can find, whenever we can find, in every possible situations, all of which collectively, is going to define our life few decades later.

Apologies for the poor quality of the image as it was taken with a smartphone.


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