An Old Lady Attacked by a Pack of Dogs?

Contrary to what the picture may suggest, these dogs weren’t attacking her, instead they were overtly excited to see her and were going berserk. The lady wore a traditional dress that is indigenous to the mountainous regions of Himachal Pradesh, India. From her battered looks, countless wrinkles all over her face and her walk, which she could barely do even with her stick – she she seemed to be in her late 90’s – a rare sight in any of the cities I have been to.

Love All Around?

dog lady 2

Usually, people who have done their time nearing end of their journey aren’t too demanding. They don’t ask for expensive clothes, accessories or a luxury yacht cruise to the Mediterranean. At that age, all that one would expect is some company, some affection and someone to show some care. What this old lady had was more than just company, a whole flock of loving dogs parading along with a spectacle display of love and affection. She didn’t seem to be the reason for their healthy diet, and she certainly didn’t seem to have the money to afford them a spacious place to live, yet, the dogs treated the nonagenarian like a local celebrity in the vicinity packed with tourists and locals. This makes me wonder if dogs can show true unconditional love more than most intelligent humans.


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