More than Meets the Eyes

Often, we only see what we want to see – the most beautiful, the most attractive, the brightest, the best – of them all, and then we call the world, to be an unfair place. Just the way, I have used my camera to focus only on the blue flowers, which are ripe, most alluring and colorful. Whereas, there are other flowers in the background, like the yellow ones on the right, the white ones at the bottom and the pink ones in the far back – all got ignored and out of focus (blurred).

We live in a world, filled with cherry-pickers, doing rampant discrimination, yet we feel, we are the victims. We only see, what our brain tells us to see, not what our heart tells our brains to see. They say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but now and then, our eyes fail miserably. It may be time, we see beauty through heart, time after time.


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