Life is Bigger than Problems

The photo illustrates mountain plants with razor sharp thorns that can easily make you run for your first aid kit. At a distant background, lies the beautiful horizon where the mountains merge with the sky amid sunset, but hardly visible as the photo’s focus lay on the thorny plants.

Just like this photo, we frequently focus too much on current problems and fail to see what’s beyond them – the horizon, the bigger picture outside our current challenges. We get too scared, become impulsive, and get frustrated with issues at hand, which invoke fear of the future and even make one’s future look very gloomy. But, after every struggle, we arrive at a state with more wisdom, come out more matured, learn to connect the dots and reason with our problems better.

There’s eternal space beyond every thick and dark cloud in the sky, there is an expansive ocean beyond every sea, there is always more land beyond every big mountain, and there is even a bigger life beyond every problem – however painful the problem may seem.


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