An Old and Beaten Rag Picker on an Ordinary Day

The photo illustrates an old and beaten rag picker leaving a garbage bin with his find – an empty water bottle. A guy walking next to him in the opposite direction has the words ‘I am Clean – I am Green’ written on the back of his T-shirt. A lot of you may not realize that these rag pickers actually help recycle plastics in return for a hand-to-mouth supply of money, probably helping the environment indirectly in keeping it green. I’d like to believe that the old rag picker has made part of the statement on the back of the T-shirt possible with his insignificant yet significant contribution.

Just imagine, how great it would have been if these rag pickers continued to do what they do (as every job – big or small is important to the society), and they were supplied with a nice pair of weather-friendly boots for those long all-day walks, military-styled pants with pockets all around to let them keep their cherished finds (which they may not want to sell otherwise), and a pair of cool Dr. Dre headphones with an MP3 player to make their work both joyful and colorful – Just Imagine That!


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