An Abstract Thought with an Abstract Photo

Just like this rusty pole roped tightly, a person can often feel roped, squeezed and stretched on either sides. When it comes to sharing attention, love, care and time between your family, spouse, kids – one can quite relate to this pole; love, care, attention and demands flowing from all directions trying to take you with them, trying to make you twist and turn in the direction of their desire.

However, you remain strong and sturdy in your position, you don’t fall on either sides, and you don’t twist and turn no matter which side pulls you stronger. Just like a family expands with time, a pole may be wound with multiple ropes as time pass by, from different directions. But, the more the pole remains strongly grounded – the more it can weather the test of time, in a balanced way.

This photo was taken somewhere in Himachal Pradesh, India.


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